Bad weather has fallen upon South Texas this week. Rain, wind, lightning, and much more have caused damage. Thursday, a massive fire broke out on Hwy 87 near Smiley.


Gonzales County Emergency Management
Gonzales County Emergency Management

According to a Facebook post by Gonzales County Emergency Management, "Hwy 87 between Smiley and the county line is closed due to an oil fire." They also posted photos showing the fire.

Black smoke filled the air and flames burned high. No further information was released however, some people speculated the fire was started by lightning. 


Derek Walker commented on the post explaining, " [It's] not a spill, disposals attract lightning and one strike and it’ll go up easily."

Another person said "Seen this lots of times in the Austin chalk area. Always wondered why they never put tall and longer lightning rods. That saltwater has tons of iron in it."

Kyle N Lori Clark said they witnessed the fire, "Lightening struck just as I passed & it exploded behind me."

Last Fall, another huge fire broke out, that time was at a local pumpkin patch. Huge black smoke engulfed the sky and could be seen far and near. A pumpkin patch in Temple Texas scorched an enormous amount of cars in the nearby parking lot.


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The fire spread quickly, but many people were able to get into their vehicles and leave safely. However, for an unfortunate 73 visitors, their cars were scorched to the ground. Firefighters arrived and were able to stop the fire before more vehicles were caught in the crossfire.

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