Over the course of the last two months I've seen some pretty amazing photos and read some great articles about front line health care workers and their incredible efforts from the front line of our world pandemic. There is a meme circulating on social media that makes me smile. It's the ultimate nod to how hard our front line health care workers actually work. I'm so glad we are taking notice of their efforts. Perhaps it's long overdue. The meme is a picture of a nurse sitting down. The caption reads, " Clearly photo shopped."

We've said this time and again on our stations, but we will say it again, "Thank you to all of our front line health care workers, like our very own Vanessa Padierna for keeping our community safe in the battle against COVID-19."

According to the World Health Organization there is a shortage of nurses globally and nursing ( including midwifes) account for roughly 50 percent of the global health workforce. In a recent report from The National, the WHO is calling for six million more nurses by 2030 to combat the shortage globally. Further, worldwide, the nursing workforce is estimated at 27 million but WHO offers, " If we do not strengthen the nursing workforce, healthcare systems will be unable to provide efficient and quality care."

Luckily we have an excellent nursing and health care program right here in Victoria at Victoria College and hopefully many of the world's next generation of front line heroes will come from our community.

Hug a nurse today! Er' give a nurse an elbow bump today!

Here is a link to the Victoria College Nursing Program.

A thank you for the future of our next generation of front line workers!

One of the inspirations for the article came from an incredible photo shoot on Fstoppers from photographer Ray Briggs whose wife is a nurse. Powerful stuff.

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