What an great hometown example of our community coming together.

Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity is wanting to partner with you to help our essential and front line workers with their new " Build Hope for Heroes" project.

Their tagline says it all! And it's all local!

"Habitat is asking for donations to support our local folks supporting local restaurants while feeding our local heroes!"

GC Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Cynthia Staley offers, " Many of the essential workers - nurses, city employees, police officers, HEB, local restaurants, and more - have supported Golden Crescent Habitat by working on the job site or by of providing donated meals for volunteers. Now it is our time to return the favor and help them."

Join GC Habitat as they " Build Hope for Heroes" in feeding local heroes using local restaurants. Through donations and volunteers, GC Habitat will reach out to locally owned restaurants to prepare meals for essential workers keeping our community up and running. Building Hope for Heroes is a way to thank people working behind the scenes and, at the same time, supporting locally owned restaurants.

Partnering with local businessmen, Robbie Burge and Caleb Shaw GC Habitat is asking each of us willing to consider donating time or money to purchase or deliver meals from local restaurants in the counties GC Habitat serves; Victoria, Goliad, DeWitt, Jackson, Lavaca and Refugio counties.

GC Habitat will coordinate purchasing and ordering food to help feed our front line and essential workers. If you arent able at this time to donate time or money, perhaps you would consider writing thank you emails instead. There are several ways to help!

Click here for all the details.

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