If you don't mind submitting yourself to being intentionally infected with the coronavirus, there is a company that is willing to do just that and compensate you $4,500. You read that correctly. You can get paid over 4 THOUSAND 5 HUNDRED dollars to have COVID-19 injected into you with the intention of studying the disease and finding a cure. There are some experts (don't ask who and what field because the specifics are not known...not suspicious at all...) who stated that a vaccine will not be created in time to stop the virus from spreading too much. But the facility in London is working tirelessly in hopes of creating something to combat this disease.

If you are curious how far COVID-19 has spread, then check out this:

The U.S stands at the bottom with less than 1,000 recorded cases of the virus being contracted. Hopefully, that number will continue to stay that way as efforts are being made and steps being taken to lock down and ensure coronavirus doesn't spread. If you would like to read more on this topic then check out the article done by NEWS4SA here. These it is important to make sure you are washing your hands with soap and water (because that is the most effective method compared to hand sanitizer) and making sure you are keeping your workspace wiped down.

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