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Great news Victoria, our city council has adopted our latest downtown Master Plan and that means a new and improved downtown Victoria is on the way! 

It also means our city council has heard our voices, and the voices of Main Street when it comes to what we wanted to see happen to update our historic downtown Victoria!

Cheers to all of us Victoria!

I love the way the latest City of Victoria civic alert starts! "BY THE PEOPLE! "

By the people

"Public input is the foundation of this master plan, which includes a summary of findings from the public input process in the chapter titled “Vision & Goals” as well as a comprehensive appendix of survey results and residents’ comments. From residents’ input, several patterns emerged, such as a desire for more businesses and activities downtown, concerns about parking and a wish for any development to respect and preserve the historic nature of downtown.

Charting a path, which starts with some easy wins.

According to the civic alert, which you can read here, the plan highlights ten “easy wins” which include low-cost projects such as creating a public art program, installing string lights and establishing a series of walking tours as well as ten “highest-impact projects” that include longer-term initiatives like redesigning the 5-Points intersection, improving broadband connectivity and facilitating extended hours of operation for businesses. Pursuing both the “easy wins” and the “highest-impact projects” will help to spur development so that other goals can be achieved, according to the plan.

The civic alert offers how this will be funded.

Funding the future

The master plan will give the City a competitive edge in applying for grant funding because it demonstrates that City officials have a strategy for investing grant funds in a way that benefits the community.

In addition to grant funding, the plan outlines possible funding tools and partnerships that can help the City implement the plan without relying on internal funds.

Another tool that is being considered is the establishment of a tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) downtown.

But that's not all!

The downtown master plan is one of four master plans being developed this year. The thoroughfare master plan was adopted on June 15. The Parks & Recreation master plan will be presented to the City Council for adoption on Nov. 16, and the storm drainage master plan will be presented later this year.

Want more info?

Visit www.victoriatx.gov/masterplans.

Here is what our listeners felt that downtown Victoria needed next.

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