Greyson Chance is probably getting quite comfortable in front of cameras. After reprising his role on ‘Raising Hope,’ the YouTuber-turned-superstar is releasing a video for ‘Hold On Til the Night‘ — and giving his fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the action.

“This song’s really special to me,” Chance said. “It’s just one of those power anthems. It’s about being strong and being courageous.” The video concept reflects Chance’s motivations. The clip is shot entirely in black and white and features ”real kids” (as in, not paid actors) that Chance found through schools, a press release noted. Shots of the children are interspersed with shots of a singing Chance in front of different backdrops, including rapidly moving clouds, a forest and a whole lot of light bulbs. ”We have trees going through pianos, light bulbs flashing everywhere,” Chance enthused. “It’s going to be awesome.”

Director Dano Cerny gave his take on the video treatment. “It’s all about enlightenment,” Cerny said. “It’s about shedding light and feeling powerful, so we came up with this cool installation piece using light bulbs. Just keep it really simple, but it’s something that symbolizes a bigger universe out there. Each kid is a light bulb, each kid is a little beacon of hope.”

“We had this really simple black and white concept, kind of inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous portrait screen tests, and we kind of just made something very raw and simple,” Cerny added.

Chance agreed. “I think the video is all about enlightenment. It’s also about courage.”

Chance will make a special appearance and debut his video on Ellen this Friday, Dec. 9. Chance will discuss the video concept further with his comedienne mentor, but his director made it sound pretty simple. ”Even in the darkest moments,” Cerny said, “beautiful things come out of it. It’s about even through those dark moments, if you hold on til the night — there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Watch Greyson Chance Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Hold On Til the Night’ Video