A heartwarming video captured a young lonely Texas boy looking for a friend has gone viral.

An Amarillo couple noticed a little boy knocking on their front door. Through their doorbell camera, they ask the young boy "What's up man?"


The boy named Walker, responds by asking if they knew of any kids around 11 or 12 year-old. Walker continues and explains he is looking for other kids because " I need some friends. Like, really bad."

The couple directs Walker to a house just down the road where they believe a few kids might live. However, Walker gives a heartbreaking response.

"Well, um, they’re not my friends anymore because they’re bullies to me."

Walker just desperately wanted a friend and asks if any children were inside the couple's home. There was a child however, the man reveals their daughter is only 2 years old.

Walker brightens up and admits he loves younger children because he had a young sister and loved playing with her. Eventually, Walker left, but the couple promised to tell him "hi" whenever they see him around.


Although their conversation was over, Walker stayed on their minds. The couple decided to set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to make Walker's summer a little more special. They set a goal of $7,000 to buy Walker a gaming set, school clothes, and amusement park tickets.

However, after posting the video of Walker approaching their home, social media went crazy over the sad situation and nearly $40,000 was raised!

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