When he was four, Colton Burpo almost died of a burst appendix. Vivid memories the now 12-year old had of going to Heaven, sitting in Jesus’ lap, and meeting dead family members during this near death experience became the basis for the book ‘Heaven is for Real,’ which has been on the New York Times bestseller list for the past 52 weeks.

Now there is an 32-page illustrated children’s edition of ‘Heaven is for Real,’ which Colton and his parents promoted on ‘Today.’

During the segment Colton’s dad Todd, who is a pastor, addressed those who are skepitical of his son’s memories.

We questioned our son at first,” Todd Burpo explained. “But as parents, everyone can tell when their 4-year-old is telling the truth.”

Check out the clip below. Do you think Colton is telling the truth?

[via Today]

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