Last month (January) HEB was selected and chosen as National Top Grocer by a global consumer research company out of the United Kingdom called Dunnhumby. This newly crowned king was so ecstatic that they treated their subjects well and rewarded all HEB personnel with an extra $100. Now think about that. Think about how many HEBs there are. I'll help you with the number. There are over 250 HEB stores (with about 60 of them in the San Antonio area), and over 100,000 employees spread among those stores.

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HEB celebrated being top grocer by giving $100 extra to each employee...over 100,000 employees. I sure hope you don't expect me to do the math because math was not my forte growing up and I still have nightmarish flashbacks to a "lovely" system of math called I-M-P. If you don't know what that is, you are SO LUCKY. Back to to the topic, HEB has been called a kind business to work for and there are stories of employees who wanted to move to a new area and were able to transfer to the HEB of that location, or close to the new location so the employee can still work at HEB. Heck, HEB employees are instead called Partners. It's just an overall nice company, and its home is Texas.

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