We will put this in the category of things you will only see in Texas. A video was posted to TikTok showing a dining room of a Whataburger decorated for what appears to be a baby shower. I mean, what goes great with a baby shower? The new Chili Cheese Burger with Chili Cheese Fries!  As always the comments are what make the post even better! Check out the video posted to TikTok.


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How About a Wedding at Whataburger?

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Over the Christmas holiday last year, a Marine in North Texas married his bride at the place they had their first date, Whataburger! Marine, Clay Mitchell found out he would be coming home for 15 days before leaving for his station in California, as reported by KXII in Texacoma. He would be gone for three years after that. That was too long to wait for him to marry his bride, and to have another Whataburger.  So he took action!  This is when he started to pitch the idea of getting married at Whataburger.


His bride, Krissie, says Whataburger ' was our first date, so we needed something quick to get married at, and this was perfect,” As reported in the article, not only did they get married, they also shared their first meal there, including a patty melt with jalapenos and a junior cheeseburger. The Patty Melt with jalapenos is my go-to! Great menu selection, my friend. There was also a huge Whataburger cake too! Watch the story by clicking here.

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