I had never put together a hurricane preparedness kit together until I witnessed Harvey in 2017. Well, hurricane season still has over a month and a half to go and it's been an over active season as predicted.

We've been lucky so far, but are WE PREPARED? 

2020 has been quite a year and we still have quite a bit to content with until its over. It's pretty amazing to think we've had so many hurricanes this year we're already into the Greek alphabet for hurricane names, which hasn't happened in over fifteen years.

Now more than ever it's best to be prepared for anything. 

Local meteorologist, Trey Meynig of KAVU reminds us that, "Victorian's didn't survive Harvey as a Category Four hurricane. By the time Harvey made its way to Victoria, it has slowed to a Category One."

Victoria Texas experienced Harvey at a Category One and look how much damage it created for our community.

During Harvey here, hours turned into days without electricity, and in some areas, even running water, so it goes without saying it's a smart idea to be prepared.

Let's pack a hurricane preparedness bag together.

Here are ten things we need to get started.

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