An offense receipt from a local restaurant has been going viral.


Downtown is home to the new restaurant El Paso Taco and Tequila. Recently, a young waiter had a disturbing encounter during his shift. Patrick Rodriguez had finished up waiting on a gentleman when he received a disturbing note on the bill.


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Rodriguez was assigned to wait at a table with a man who was eating alone. It's unknown if the man was a local, but he was in town for work. During the time he was at the Victoria restaurant the man and Rodriguez engaged in small talk.

As Rodriguez continued to serve the customer asked if he had a girlfriend to which he replied "no" and explained he was gay and had a boyfriend.


Once the man was finished eating he paid and left. However, Rodriguez was left with a receipt with an offensive note written by the man. The customer had left no tip and purposely wrote a note explaining why he had not tipped his waiter.

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It was not due to the lack of service or poor food. Rodriguez had not received a tip because, as the note reads, "dont tip gay men!" The message was circled three times and the tip was zeroed out.


Rodriguez took a photo of his receipt and captioned it "how's your night going?" Soon after Jennifer Limon received a screenshot of Patrick's photo and was disturbed.

"It's not right," Limon told us. She quickly took to Facebook and posted the picture of Patrick's receipt. "I reacted maternally, and just in general it's not right I just had to say something, it's just blatantly rude."


The post gained a lot of attention and people began to Venmo Patrick a tip of their own. Patrick and Jennifer got in touch and she said he was just very appreciative. After seeing such a positive response and support from people only he says, "I feel so much better now."

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