It's singles week so it's super appropriate to start name-dropping some places and ideas for those who are single and ready for a fun night out. Whether you head out solo, grab your girls, or head out with the bros Victoria has some pretty cool spots in and around the city to create some lasting memories and maybe even find a boo.

You can enjoy a day out or a night full of fun and adventure regardless of your relationship status. Capture your inner independence, stand tall, and get ready for some good times. Get dolled up for yourself or throw on some cologne just because you like it!

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Although don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places to hit up if you are single and ready to mingle. Tired of swiping right, well ditch the phone and go out and find yourself a mate the old fashion way.

If you like to dance, you can head over to plenty of bars with dance floors, or maybe you are an animal lover, head to the Zoo, or run into a new sparkle in your eye at Riverside while they are walking their dog. The point is, there are things to do and people to meet, sometimes you just have to get a little unique with it.

Although if you're looking to just mingle around a bit, have no fear the Crossroads has got you covered too! Take a trip to the local risqué places in town and you will be sure to find fun just around the right corner.

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