After a botched surgery, an undercover sting operation at a Houston plastic surgery center led to the arrest of a man who was practicing medicine without a license. 


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53-year-old Alexander Padilla was caught in the act performing plastic surgery without a license. He was arrested and released on a $10,000 bond. He remained in scrubs as he walked out of the Harris County Jail, staying tight-lipped about the charges.

Padilla allegedly performed plastic surgery without a valid license at the Houston Aesthetic Center, a clinic near the Katy Freeway. Houston police conducted the undercover sting after a tip from the Texas Medical Board (TMB), an agency that publicly discloses license status and disciplinary actions for doctors in the state.


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According to TMB, Padilla was not a licensed doctor in Texas, making his actions a "third-degree felony that could mean jail time or a fine."

Five individuals have come forward, with one woman reporting a botched breast surgery that led to an infection and implant removal. It's a stark reminder that not all "experienced medical teams" are what they claim to be.


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Lance Walters, an attorney unrelated to the case, advises potential patients to thoroughly research their doctors. He emphasizes the need to know a practitioner's qualifications, whether they are board-certified, their track record for medical malpractice, and most crucially, whether they possess a valid license.

The Houston Police Department believes there may be more victims who haven't come forward and encourages them to contact the Major Offenders Division. This ongoing case is a reminder that when it comes to plastic surgery, your safety and satisfaction hinge on due diligence and informed decisions.

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