Holy cow, residents in a Houston neighborhood had a good laugh after looking out their window this week. Rosalind Hobgood said right before she was going to lay down for a noon-time nap she received a phone call from one of her neighbors.


Hobgood recalls her neighbor calling her and telling her to go to her window and look outside. When she glanced outside she saw something you don't typically see in a southeast Houston neighborhood.

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Hanging out right outside her side window was a big white cow. Hobgood then went to open her front door and was shocked to see three more cows on her lawn.

"I just started shooing and laughing and taking pictures," Hobgood says.


The cows were hanging out and munching on her fertilized lawn. After a while, she said the cows had enough and moved over to another neighbor's yard where they grazed around for a few more hours.

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One of her neighbors brought out a bucket of water to help cool them down in the blazing Texas heat. A pair of neighbors can be seen in a home surveillance video. The pair is shouting something at the cows when suddenly they have a stand-off.


Residents in the area began calling Houston PD to get the cattle out. Animal control was called numerous times and eventually laughed at the odd situation.

Eventually, Houston Police officers came out and guided the misplaced herd through a park.

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