A terrifying crash destroyed one Houston family's yard. A bizarre plane crash sent four passengers tumbling down with a small aircraft nearby Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas.

Plane in Distress

A small plane from Mexico was departing Hobby Airport as they continued on their route to San Antonio. Just minutes after their departure, the plane radios the tower in distress, "We are having problems with our engine. Please turn back to the airport if possible."

Taking a  Turn For the Worse

As the Tower began to guide the small plane back to the airport, things quickly began to take a turn for the worse.
"We are not going to make it."
The pilot radioed in those last words before the transmission cut off.

The Crash

Soon after, the plane plummeted down and crashed into a neighborhood area. The pilot managed to stop the plane before taking out an entire backend of a home, however, the plane destroyed a fence and sparked a fire that spread from a nearby gazebo and fence.

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Pieces of the airplane were scattered along the area and tire and burn marks show where the plane made its ultimate landing and skidded after the crash.

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Nearby residents were terrified by the sound of the plane crash, imagining the worst. One resident recalled the moment of the crash, Sarah Franco lives nearby.

"I heard this loud noise that sounded like a bomb. I thought it was a motorcycle that crashed cause it sounded so near, and then I hear my mom screaming. She was downstairs and thought something fell on me."
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A news helicopter caught the aftermath and a homeowner could be seen spraying the flames with a garden hose before fire trucks arrived. Swiftly firefighters and the emergency team were on the scene. Electricity and gas were shut off to ensure no further serious damage was made.

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The crash was nearby a local school luckily no students or staff were hurt.

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