Many families and businesses throughout South Texas spent much of Sunday evening cleaning and regrouping from the aftermath of Hurricane Hanna.

What started out as a tropical wave quickly become a tropical storm and eventually evolved into a hurricane as ' Hurricane Hanna' garnered strength in the Gulf before reaching landfall on our coastline at 5 pm, Saturday.  By mid- morning Saturday, heavy rains and high winds were already wreaking havoc causing major flooding and damage to coastal cities such as Corpus and Rockport, Texas. When Hanna hit the South Texas coastline, winds were clocked at 90 miles an hour but quickly petered out once it reached landfall.

It's estimated winds were in the mid to lower 40's for Victoria and the National Weather Center reported 1.33 inches of rainfall at the Victoria Airport.

In the aftermath, FEMA requested, and President Trump approved, emergency funding for evacuation, community care and shelter support as Texans continue to clean up and regroup for Hanna.

A flood risk remains throughout the Coastal Bend and the Rio Grande Valley, as we continue to respond to the damage caused by Hurricane Hanna.

In other weather news, Hurricane Douglas recently grazed the Hawaiian coastline for a close call, but now our eyes are in focus on a possible new storm brewing in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Season is here Texas.

Here are some of the most powerful moments from Hurricane Hanna from ABC13 in Houston.

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