2018 has not been off to a good start for Logan Paul. The YouTube star was cut from the platform's show, Foursomeafter publishing a controversial video that featured a dead man in a Japanese forest and Paul and his friends making light of the apparent suicide.

Paul has since apologized profusely and pledged $1 million to suicide prevention groups, but we don't see him starring in any YouTube series anytime soon. His viral video days may be over, but lest we forget that Logan Paul is also a musician. A rapper, to be exact. Need a refresher?

You're welcome. TMZ caught the aspiring rapper outside LAX just after the Grammys and chatted with him about what's next after the controversy dies down. "What's next?" he asked back. "I don't know. Wake up tomorrow, eat some pop tarts." He looks at the camera and smirks. "That's a Lil Uzi Vert quote right there, shit."

The cameraman then asks what he thought of the Grammys, to which he eloquently answered, "Honestly, that's some inspiring shit, bro." That comment sparked a deeper conversation about his music career. He smiles at the camera again and says, "I like expressing myself in different ways. Music's gonna be one of them, coming soon."

Finally, the cameraman asks Paul if he's putting everything behind him. His smile fades as he shakes his head. "Sort of," he says. "It's important, I think, to learn from your mistakes, which I did, and I'm going to continue to do. Keep my head up, keep moving forward, and then teach people what I've learned and spread the message as best I can."

Watch the full video here.

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