Yowza! Simon Cowell is throwing some shade at fellow singing competition shows in a big way. The ‘X Factor‘ honcho and judge allegedly is attempting to sabotage his competition at NBC, ‘The Voice.’

TMZ reports that Cowell and fellow judge L.A. Reid are trying to mess with NBC by sending them crummy singers. The duo are said to be sending their rejects over to the peacock network’s tryouts. We bet head diva in charge Christina Aguilera wouldn’t be too pleased to hear this!

Sources say that Cowell and Reid were overheard hatching a plot to send their rejects over to their competitor. Reid was heard telling a particularly untalented hopeful, “If you decide to try out again, please do it on another show.” Cowell hopped on that opportunity, adding, “Yes, the good news is I hear ‘The Voice’ auditions are happening next week.” Cold, calculating — and, we gotta admit, a little brilliant.

We doubt Cowell would mess with ‘American Idol,’ seeing as that was once his baby — and because it shares a network with him in Fox.

Last week, Cowell and newly minted judge Britney Spears fired back at rumors of on-set drama, and it looks like they may be honest. They’re sending all the drama to their competition! Will they go after ‘Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson‘s new show, ‘Duets,’ next?

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