I saw this scrolling through Facebook last week and I thought it would be a great time to revisit a writeup I did about Ventruas last year! A historical look at Ventura's from someone who grew up in Victoria. In case you missed it, check it out below.



Back in 1978, Ventura Gutierrez started to sell tamales at a store on North Street.  Due to health code regulations, Ventura would have to find an on-site facility for her tamale production. Her next move would change Venturas forever.


Ventura's Tamales was born in 1985!  For those of you that remember, the first Ventura location was on Water St, which just happened to be four blocks down from my childhood home.  I spent many lunches with my grandma eating at the little seating area that was added around 1990.  That was their first move into expanding their menu.

Ventura's Tamales
Ventura's Tamales


In 1997, Ventura's relocated their operation from Water St. to Rio Grande St. This is the location where they really branched out from just tamales and expanded their menu. Many of those menu items you can still find on the menu today.  I loved this location because of who their neighbor was.  It was pretty cool to walk next door to Halepaskas for a great dessert.  The good old days in Victoria.  This is also the first real taste we got of those legendary taco shells!


This is the location that has really elevated Ventura's status and made it a staple of Victoria, Texas!  All thanks in part to their Taco Tuesdays and Wednesdays! What started as a line snaking on to Navarro on Tuesdays and Wednesdays has turned into a daily occurrence. With their catering services, they have also created many special relationships with numerous families and been a part of so multiple special family events. It is awesome to see a hard-working family business continue to succeed and thrive.  Don't forget to support your local businesses and SHOP LOCAL!


The new location is slowly inching to towards opening its doors, It will have a full-service bar, drive-thru, and a covered patio area for diners. Opening information is coming soon!

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