Last fall’s IT is one of the scariest movies of 2017, and, like the book, its very first scene sets the tone for how terrifying the rest is going to be. Georgie Denbrough’s fateful jog down that rainy neighborhood street in Derry, Maine sets everything in motion, and introduces us to one of the most horrifying creatures horror has ever created. But, what if everything in that first scene had turned out very differently? What if Georgie had gotten his boat back without a fuss? The folks behind IT actually filmed a humorous version of that first scene for folks to watch if the original is just too gruesome.

We all know the beats of the sewer scene: Georgie’s paper boat sails right down into a drain, Pennywise pops up, offers it back to him, and while the kid is leaning in to get it the clown chomps down on his arm and drags him down into the depths. Here’s what would have happened if Georgie had been a little quicker with his reflexes:

It’s honestly hilarious that they even had this idea, let alone took the time to film it in the first place. Though the source material is suitably terrifying, they know how to have a good time with it. And Pennywise’s reaction to Georgie getting away is absolutely priceless.

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