A very scary situation from Waco, Texas!  Reports started to come into the Waco Police Department on Saturday eventing about an 8 year-old-boy falling off of a carnival ride.  The child had fallen from a carnival ride at the Extraco Events Center in Waco.  Kolotv reports the boy was treated on the scene before he was taken to the hospital.

The ride operator, Cody Harkness, was arrested after police tested him and determined that he was under the influence. He has been charged with intoxicated assault while operating a ride, which is a third-degree felony.  It is currently unclear what caused the child to fall off of the carnival ride.  According to the article, it was determined that it was the result of the operator being impaired.

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This also happened last year in Groves Pecan. However, this one was caused by Mother Nature. The man was hailed a hero, after was captured hanging 30 feet in the air to ensure the safety of a little girl.  According to 12newsnow.com, the ride operator was helping 12-year-old Juliana Bernal when the wind picked up and caused the car of The Bullet to take off with the Bernal inside. The ride operator held onto the car as it went into the air according to Reynolds.

While all this was happening, the ride door was OPEN!  In multiple videos, you can see the ride operator using his foot to close the door, to keep the girl safe. You can see the dramatic footage by clicking here.


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