A father is taking legal action against a Hindu Temple in Houston, Texas, for branding his 11-year-old son without consent, leading to permanent skin damage and emotional trauma.

NBC News reported that a is suing the temple for the incident for one million dollars because they branded his 11-year-old son with a hot iron during a ceremony without his knowledge. According to the article, Vijay Cheruvu, of Fort Bend County, said he did not give his consent for his son to participate in the event in August, during which he alleges several children were branded in front of a group of adults.

NBC News, Fort Bend County Courthouse
NBC News, Fort Bend County Courthouse

According to the lawsuit, the young man was burned on both shoulders against his will, causing extreme pain, permanent skin damage, an infection, and emotional trauma.

The lawsuit says the ceremony occurred at the Ashtalakshmi Temple in Sugar Land and the temple's parent company, nonprofit Hindu organization Jeeyar Educational Trust USA.

Family attorney Brant Stogner said at the news conference, "this is not a widely used ceremony across Hinduism. This is something that's a very small sect."

He also said that even if the child had given his permission for the branding, it is illegal in Texas for a minor to get a tattoo or mark.

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