Parts of Texas got hammered with severe weather and torrential rainfall! One area in Texas had so much rain that it caused flash flooding.  A picture from Kirbyville, Texas, posted to Facebook showed what happened after that flash flooding.  Caskets are seen casually lying on the ground in a cemetery Kerbyville is located north of Beaumont.


Some people in Galveston were freaked out by the appearance of a casket on the beach!  The comments went wild, however, there is an easy explanation for this one. It turns out that the casket was placed there for a commercial. According to the post, a commercial is currently being filmed for "Haunted Ghost Tours." How would you react if you were driving along the beach and just saw a casket lying on the shore?

Craig Corbell via GALVESTON FB
Craig Corbell via GALVESTON FB

Hurricane Season Forecasted to be Explosive in Texas

In the 2023 hurricane season, Texas avoided a direct strike from a significant storm. That may not be the case in 2024. The experts at Accuweather have released this year's Hurricane Forecast, and they believe it will be busy.

AccuWeather Lead Hurricane Forecaster Alex DaSilva said, "Sea-surface temperatures are well above historical average across much of the Atlantic basin, especially across the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and the Main Development Region [for hurricanes]."
AccuWeather forecasters predict that the Bermuda High will strengthen with warmer waters, making the U.S. and Gulf more vulnerable. On this year's prediction map, Houston and Galveston have red circles for direct landfalls. The rest of the areas on the coast of Texas are shown to be yellow. This is their way of telling residents to be prepared.

Inviting TX Towns That Will Now Enjoy Greatest Eclipse Totality

Gallery Credit: Noah/Canva

TWISTERS: Counties With the Most Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Stacker compiled a list of counties which experience the most tornadoes in Oklahoma using data from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

Gallery Credit: Stacker


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