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A sweet Texas couple has died after their family reports that the couple's air conditioner broke.

Sadly, the couple, Ramona and Monway Isons of Baytown Texas, were discovered dead just four days after their air conditioning unit broke down.

Ramona and Monway Isons were sadly discovered dead inside their Baytown, Texas, home with their dog, just days after reporting their air conditioning had broken down and the timeline is nothing short of tragic.

“It’s been devastating, it’s been devastating to our family,” Roxana Floods, the couple’s daughter, said. “The heat, it’s just not a joke," LIVE5 New reported. She was not aware that her parents could not afford the repair and is hopeful this story is shared in part to bring awareness to the seriousness of heat but to also not hesitate to ask family for help.

With temperatures soaring in the middle of summer here in Texas, just the idea of being without air conditioning is frightening, much less having to actually spend several days in the sweltering temperatures without a break.

The timeline of the couple's death is nothing short of tragic.

According to the couple's family, the Isons, who were high school sweethearts, were just days away from celebrating their 52nd anniversary. 

LiveNews5 reports that their daughter, Roxana Floods, offered that her parents who were never apart from each other, could not immediately afford to fix their unit so they applied for a loan for the repairs.

Their air conditioning unit broke on Monday, June 12th.

Their loan came through on Thursday, June 15th.

They were found dead in their home Friday, June 16th.

Floods offered that it looked like the couple was in the process of gathering their things to leave when likely after spending days without air conditioning the couple became disoriented and too exhausted to make it out the door.

Multiple heat-related deaths have been reported in Texas, with 13 deaths on record since June 2023.

The Associated Press reported last month that there were 13 other heat-related deaths in Texas in June alone.

Sadly, according to LiveNews5, the air conditioning technician pulled up right as the medical examiner was inside the home checking the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Isons.

Houston11 offers this video on Youtube.


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