A United Airlines flight from Houston to Seattle had to make a forced landing in Dallas due to a dog leaving a stinky poo in the aisle of the first-class section of the aircraft.

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While it is not uncommon for pets to travel with their owners, it is unusual for a flight to have to land to clean up after an accident with a dog.

Huffpost.com reports that a passenger on the flight told People that the excrement was in a very liquid form and that even after the attempt to clean up the mess, the bathroom in the first-class section still had a strong odor.

It was spread in several places and even on one passenger's shoes. The crew worked frantically using paper towels and trash bags to clean up the mess. Passengers were given handy wipes to sniff and masks to help cover up the smell but to no avail. The plane had to land to make matters worse for the passengers; the food served on the flight went bad because of the time they had to spend on the ground to clean up the mess.


According to the passenger who spoke to People, "The cabin crew deserve accolades," and "They responded well despite having to hop over the mess."

The United Airlines website says that pets, except service dogs, must be in a carrier on a seat during domestic flights. The airline hasn't said if a dog was considered a service dog.

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