In Texas it has been lots of fun to see some of the creative and unique rental properties that people are creating and renting out to visitors. You see unusual property types like a yurt or more normal looking properties that have more of a fun theme that gets lots of attention. People love to try something new or unique, especially when it’s just for a night or a fun getaway experience.  

Flophouze Rental

Located in the Texas Hill Country is a charming and historic town called Round Top, Texas. In this cute little town you will find antique shops, restaurants, art galleries and more. But if you are going to be stopping in Round Top and want a fun and unusual place to stay, you should check out the Flophouze. It’s like something you’ve probably never seen before as it’s a shipping container hotel.  

What Is a Shipping Container Hotel? 

It’s exactly how it sounds. There are multiple shipping containers that have been transformed into beautiful rental properties and the cost is not too much more than what you would spend at a hotel. Rates per night begin at $175 per night for a houze that sleeps 2 people, all the way up to the Ranch House that sleeps 18 people in the largest rental on the property. 

Let’s See Pictures of the Shipping Container Hotel in Texas 

Here is a look at the fun and unique FlopHouse Shipping Container Hotel located in Round Top, Texas. Remember life is short, don’t book a boring vacation rental. Find something that will help you make memories like this one.  

FlopHouze - Shipping Container Hotel in Texas

This is one of the most unique hotels you will ever visit.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

The Most Fun Vacation Rental in Texas

This rental will make you never want to go home, check out the photos and see why.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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