We were beyond surprised to hear there are quite a few foods that are forbidden in the state of Texas.

So, don't be looking for any of these items at our Tyler or Longview, Texas restaurants.

Sure, some food items come to mind as possibly dangerous and thus outlawed by the FDA--and for good reason.

Any food that could potentially harm Texans doesn't need to be freely on offer. Then again, where do we draw the line? We know many of us eat foods every single day that, if we don't moderate our intake, could potentially harm us, as well.

However, the idea that certain foods may be banned from consumption in the U.S., and certainly in freedom-loving states like Texas...well, that idea doesn't always set well with some people.

OK, fine. But WHY are these 15 'foods' banned in Texas?

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As for me, I appreciate the fact that some of these 'foods' aren't available or are out-and-out banned. In my opinion, some foods are potentially too dangerous and not worth the risk.

Others are created or harvested in ways that seem so unethical, that consuming them seems beneath the dignity of otherwise caring, good-hearted people. Again, that's just my opinion.

There are more than 15 foods banned nationally--and even in Texas. But some of them are so uncommon and downright bizarre in some cases, we decided to leave a few out. Others are partially banned, but there are some complicated loopholes, so we left those out as well. I'll share a link below if you'd like to delve more deeply.

Let's take a look:

15 Forbidden Foods that are Banned in the State of Texas

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

Here's that link to more banned foods in the U.S., if you're interested.

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