As much as many Texas people love shopping at Costco, there are still some behind-the-scenes happenings shoppers need to know about.

I'm among those who love shopping at Costco. I go to the one in Rockwall, Texas since that's the closest one to Tyler, Texas. I appreciate the quality of their in-house brand, Kirkland Signature, which seems quality-consistent. I also enjoy being able to buy bulk items--not only because I know I'll be stocked up for quite a while on an item I consistently use, but because we can take advantage of a lower unit price.

I also appreciate that Costco seems to care a little more than some other companies about taking care of its employees and customers.

That said, I found a Moneywise article by author Bronwyn Petty fascinating.

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Like most other profitable businesses, according to the story, Costco has certain 'secret' tricks they employ to maximize profits in Texas--even if it means they take a 'loss' on some items.

Petty asks an interesting question:

'Have you ever stopped to consider how they can turn a profit when they slash the price of everything?'

I confess, I certainly have. How about you?

What secret techniques and 'tricks' does Costco use to maximize their profits in Texas, according to Moneywise author Bronwyn Petty?

Whether it's the way items are placed in the store or what items the company is willing to even take a loss on, if necessary, there are at least 15 things that Costco shoppers in Texas need to know before they make their next shopping excursion to the nearest location.

OK, here's a look at 15 of the friendly 'tricks' Costco seems to employ that keep us coming back. You may want to be aware of these before your next shopping trip, according to Moneywise.

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