We love us some Dr Pepper in Texas. We love us some Dr Pepper in East Texas. I love me some Dr Pepper. So yes, all of Texas, all of East Texas, I would be heartbroken if Dr Pepper was ever discontinued. The thing about the internet is that it can be like the whisper game we played in elementary school, what was originally whispered at the start turns into something completely different at the end. Something like that happened recently on TikTok except there was no basis for it whatsoever nor was any proof given for a statement saying that Dr Pepper was discontinued.

Video on TikTok

A video was posted on the TikTok channel s---_posts92 listing Dr Pepper as the best discontinued item out of a three popular treats, one was the Klondike Choco Taco the other was Butterfinger BB's. The first two are discontinued items, however, listing Dr Pepper as a discontinued item was a glaring mistake. Thing is, this video offered zero proof, zero evidence, zero anything to back up their claim. This started a snowball of comments and response videos.

Watch the TikTok video HERE as it won't let me embed it into this article.

Responses to Discontinuation Claim

A couple of videos popped up in response to this claim that went viral themselves, further increasing the panic that Dr Pepper is no more:

@hahamiz No way chat. #fyp #drpepper ♬ original sound - varial

@braxtonnncomerrr It cant be #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound - varial

Dr Pepper Responds

The rumors of Dr Pepper being discontinued got so loud that Dr Pepper themselves had to go to X to set the record straight:

Dr Pepper's Texas Roots

Dr Pepper was created by pharmacist Charles Alderton in Waco in 1885. It was introduced nationally in 1904. The soda consists of 23 flavors which remain a secret to this day. Dr Pepper is technically not considered a cola or root beer or fruit-flavored drink, it is considered a "pepper soda" with Dublin Original and Mr Pibb falling in the same drink category.

Have No Fear

Have no fear Dr Pepper fans, Dr Pepper will remain in the cooler at your favorite gas station or on the self at your local grocery store.

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