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  • Many new laws took effect in Texas and California in 2024.
  • California approves telehealth for pets, while Texas does away with diversity, equity, and inclusion offices on public college campuses.
  • Texas now requires schools to notify parents if their child is the subject of a "threat assessment".

Comparing laws in California to Texas is comparing apples to oranges. It seems that these two U.S. states have very little in common, besides being physically large.

Both states deal with similar issues like immigration, health care, and housing in different ways. When I see new laws in California some of them seem like a good idea, and some we addressed years ago in Texas.

What is best for one state might not be great for another, that is why we have a different government. If you are a pet owner or a fast food worker you might think that these new laws from California should be imported here to Texas.

California Is Behind The Times On Some Things 

This isn't to say that California is up to date on everything. They did not allow telehealth for pets until this year.

Austin, Texas-based otto.vet has been doing business in the state since 2015. One thing that California does beat Texas in is the minimum wage for workers.

Though it could be argued that the cost of living is higher in California, according to cbsnews.com their minimum wage just went up to $16 an hour and $20 for fast food workers.

I'm sure many minimum wage and fast food workers in Texas would love that law to come here. Take a look at some of the new laws in Texas.

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