Catching, Tagging, and Releasing a Prehistoric Alligator Gar!

If you grew up boating on the rivers and lakes in Texas, you were most likely always told to be on the lookout for Alligator Gars.

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However, most of us never laid eyes on one in person. If you're one of these people, today's your lucky day because the video at the bottom of this article features one of these prehistoric fish up close and personal.


That Thing is Huge

Twitter user @CharlesWieand recently posted this minute-long recording where he struggles to breathe under the weight as he shows us this over 6-foot long, one hundred plus pound behemoth.


Apparently, these things will feed on just about anything. They will eat small fish, big fish, and even small mammals. So, if you are a small mammal, I would steer clear of these things. Those sharp pointy teeth are not just there for decoration.


Another fun fact is that this guy has both nostrils to breathe air out of the water, they have gills as well, so they can chase you on land and in the water. Terrifying.


Check out the video below:

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