Parents that have a kid going into college...look away!

Scroll Through to See Which University is the Most Expensive in Texas

Many kids dream of going to one of the bigger schools in the state of Texas and that typically means more money. Well we broke down the yearly cost to attend the bigger schools in Texas. This will include tuition, books, and room and board for an undergrad. Obviously that cost is flexible depending on what program you enter, but this is the average cost. Let's get into it.

Most Expensive Texas Universities

Obviously Texas has a lot of amazing colleges. Today we're focusing on the ones that are a FBS school. Which means they're bowl eligible at the highest level in college football. Apparantly this what tuition costs per year at each of these universities. Info taken from US Department of Education.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

Most Conservative Cities in Texas

If you consider yourself a conservative voter in Texas. Here are some cities that you would probably enjoy living in during election season. All election info taken from Road Snacks.

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