Love the TV show 'The Office' and some Texas Roadhouse rolls? Then you will want to make a visit here.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Mural

Texas Roadhouse is one of the most beloved chain restaurants in America and someone who loves chains are the crew from the show "The Office".

Hooters is Mentioned Several Times in the Show

"I Feel God in this Chilis Tonight"

Even Chuck E. Cheese Gets Mentioned on the Show

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Texas Roadhouse in Scranton?

Well Texas Roadhouse is never mentioned in an episode of "The Office" and probably for good reason. Scranton doesn't have one. However, just fourteen minutes north of Scranton in Dickson City, Pennsylvania a Texas Roadhouse exists with a mural you will only find at that location.

Texas Roadhouse Office Mural

This is right in the waiting area of the Texas Roahouse in Dickson City. Pam, Michael, and Dwight will all keep you company as you wait to get to your table on a busy night. No word on why someone decided to put this up in the restaurant. I assume they wanted some local art to help decorate the place. If this restaurant were to ever close down, I am sure some Office super fan would love to own this.

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Let me know if you know of any other unique murals at a Texas Roadhouse near you. As far as I know, this is coolest one in existence. I am always down to be proven wrong though.

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