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  • The great migration to Texas continues for the third year in a row!
  • Texas continues to grow y'all!
  • Stop California-ing MY Texas!

Texas is a big state and more and more Americans are being drawn to the Lone Star State and wanting to become transplanted Texans. Among the reasons others are flocking to our great state is because of our friendly nature and attitude, relatively lower cost of living, affordable housing, and comfortable weather.

The do-it-yourself moving company U-Haul recently released its annual Growth Index report for 2023 and for a third consecutive year, Texas came out on top and netted the most movers to its state than any other.

Following Texas are Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee rounding out the top five states with the most new residents. For a fourth straight year, California had the most residents leaving the state in favor of another.

U-Haul International president, John Taylor had this to say about the rentals and move among Americans,

Migration to states in the Southeast and Southwest is still very pronounced. Demand for one-way equipment out of certain markets in the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast mirrors what we have seen during recent moving cycles. Wherever DIY customers go, and whatever mobility and self-storage needs they have in 2024, U-Haul will be there with solutions."

The Growth Index report goes on to say that for the sixth time in eight years, Texas is the number one state with population growth and that movers to Texas accounted for half of all the company's one-way moves.

Where are all the wanna-be Texans moving to?

According to NBCDFW, when it comes to the cities with the most growth in 2023, U-Haul has Austin appearing within the top five at number five, Bryan-College Station is 6th and Dallas is ranked 9th.

And for the fourth year in row, Texas saw most of its new residents come from California.

Welcome to Texas y'all!

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