Have you ever wondered if your neighbors are googling the same questions as you when it comes to state or federal law? Well, wonder no more since data gathered by Uplift Legal Funding has revealed the answer.

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Before I get to Texas' most googled legal question, let's take a look at some other states of interest:

  • North and South Dakota seem very interested in estate law, as their most googled questions are "what is probate?" and "what is a life estate?"
  • Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana are concerningly worried about bankruptcy, with questions like "how to file for bankruptcy" and, flat out, "what is bankruptcy?"
  • Massachusetts and Florida asking the big questions of "how to trademark a name" and "how to trademark a logo"

In Texas? Drumroll please... marriage and divorce! Hurrah!

To be more specific, the most googled legal question in Texas is "how many marriages end in divorce?"

This isn't even the most googled question about marriage and divorce. That title goes to "what is a prenup?"; however, marriage and divorce was still the second most-searched legal inquiry in the U.S. last year.

Because I'm nice, I'll go ahead and answer the question for you if you are one of the Texans who add to these stats.

Erhem... According to Forbes, in 2022, the common phrase stating that over half of all marriages end in divorce is, surprise surprise, a tad exaggerated. While it is true that a large quantity of marriages do result in divorces, the number is only about 43%.

This only accounts for first marriages. Second marriages have a higher fail rate at 60%, and third marriages even higher at 73%.

So, the next time someone wisecracks "um, actually did you know that over half of all marriages end in divorce", you can slap them in the face with this story (with love, of course).

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