A new study has revealed which states are the deadliest for brand new drivers.

Injury lawyers at Bader Scott examined numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Motor Vehicle Crash data from between 2017 and 2021 to determine which states are most dangerous for learning drivers.

At the top of the list is Kentucky, which saw 5,392 fatal crashes, 119 of which involved learner drivers in those five years.

Massachusetts came in second with a 1.78% rating for crashes involving learning drivers, while the District of Columbia came up close behind them with 1.75%.

Tragically, though the District of Columbia experienced the lowest number of crashes total at 229 but four of them involved a learner driver.

Colorado, Alaska, Vermont and New York came next on the list, ranging from 1.72% to 1.29% rates.

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Alabama had one of the highest amounts of fatal crashes, but only 81 involved a learner driver, placing the Southern state at number eight on the list of most dangerous states for a new driver.

The small state of Connecticut came in next at number nine with 1.21%, followed by the second biggest state in the country, Texas, on Connecticut's tail with 1.20%.

Pennsylvania rounds out the top 11 with a 1.14% rating.

On the other hand, the safest state for learning drivers is West Virginia, where they experienced 1,911 fatal crashes between 2017 and 2021, but none involved new drivers.

Similarly, South Carolina and Louisiana proved themselves to be safe states for drivers with learner's permits, as both had over 5,000 fatal crashes but only recorded one accident each that involved a learning driver.

"It is vital that all learner drivers take extreme caution when deciding to learn how to control and drive a car, and it is even more important for driving instructors to pay attention at all times," Seth Bader, an injury lawyer with Bader Scott said.

"This study offers an in-depth insight into the number of fatal accidents involving learner drivers in the U.S., with Kentucky taking the lead as the most likely state for a learner driver to be involved in a deadly accident in America," he added.

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