A conflicted man on Reddit says his bride-to-be's homophobic family has demanded he remove his gay groomsmen from the wedding party.

The man has known his best friends — a married gay couple — since they were in middle school. Meanwhile, his younger brother, who he helped raise and is also a groomsman for his upcoming wedding, is bisexual.

"My fiancée's family is kinda old school which was OK because they weren't 'that bad.' I guess her parents didn't know until recently that my best friends are a gay couple or that my little brother is bi," the groom wrote.

Once his future in-laws found out about the groomsmen, they started "making a big stink about them being at their daughter's wedding and letting my brother bring his boyfriend."

"At first my fiancée was with me in telling them no and trying to get them to drop it. Recently they started threatening her about not coming and saying it would be an embarrassment to her family. She's been extremely upset about it and she started asking me if I could possibly change my mind," he explained, adding he put his foot down.

"We got into a big argument over the weekend about it and she goes on about how they could still be there, just not as prominent. Saying that my brother is 15 and any regular teenager wouldn't have a plus one anyway. I quickly shut that down and I yelled at her that I wasn't going to exclude my loved ones like that to appease her folks," he continued.

When his bride-to-be told him he was "being unfair knowing how close she is with her folks," he asked her if they should "call off the wedding."

"Since then it's been kinda awkward and we haven't spoken much. My best friends think if I really want to be with her maybe I should give a little but her brother thinks I should get her to really stand up to her parents," the groom concluded.

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In the comments, Reddit users urged the man to seriously reconsider marrying the woman considering her parents' behavior.

"That is one wedding that needs to be called off ASAP. You guys are definitely not on the same page. Why would you want to marry a homophobe? Your fiancée may not have shown homophobic tendencies before, but she sure is now," one person wrote.

"You may love her, but she is beholden to her family. You will always be second place, and it's not fun. It is frustrating... I know from experience. Think about it, you are having the holidays at your home. Can't have your friends there with the in-laws. Oh my... when the baby comes.... your brother will be an evil influence on the little one. Got to keep him away. And so on. Only you can decide if it is worth LOVE. Good luck with the rest of your life," another chimed in.

"When you marry someone, you inherit their drama, like it or not, believe it or not. It will continue to revisit you, especially if your [wife] isn't prepared to be on your side," someone else commented.

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