A mother of the bride was slammed online after asking her daughter to pay her to cook for her upcoming wedding.

"I've always told my kids if they had a small wedding I'd be happy to provide the food as a wedding gift. My daughter 'Leslie' is getting married soon. They're having 47 guests total so I offered to cook per my long standing offer and said I could do something like my peppered beef or jambalaya with some jalapeño cheesy biscuits," the woman wrote on Reddit.

Her daughter and future son-in-law happily took her up on the offer and agreed to help buy the ingredients.

"Leslie sent me some recipes a few days ago and when I asked what they were for, she said they wanted to add one or two big pot dishes that weren't spicy so Will's family could have something to eat. I know that boy can't eat a popper or most of my meals without getting red in the face but I didn't think his whole family was like that," the mom continued.

She told her daughter that she already had her menu planned, to which the bride-to-be replied she was making the day about her "instead of listening to what the bride and groom want."

"I finally told her I'd cook the extra dishes but if she's going to treat me like I'm a caterer than I'll need her to pay me for all the extra prep and work. Leslie said that gifts are supposed to be what the person receiving them wants and that she might as well hire a caterer if she's going to pay and hung up," the woman recalled.

She thought she and her daughter would eventually work out some type of payment arrangement, however, she was informed by another one of her children that the couple "were talking with a catering company."

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Users in the comments slammed the mother of the bride for making the day about her.

"Wanting to make sure food is edible/enjoyable for all guests is common courtesy. If you want to lord over/judge people for not eating/liking spicy stuff (even if you don't think it's spicy) yeah, it makes you an a--hole. And yes, being strict about what your gift is without consideration of the receiver is bad behavior," one person wrote.

"Let me 'gift' you the food at your wedding... but only what I want to cook! WTF? ... Gifts covered in strings are not gifts! The bride and groom are the ones who are supposed to choose the menu!" another chimed in.

"How dare the groom expect that he and his family can eat and enjoy food at his own wedding! The nerve!" someone else shared.

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