A groom on Reddit has decided to not invite his mother to his wedding after she cheated on his dad and upended their lives nearly 15 years ago.

"I have been no contact with my mother ever since I turned 18. She cheated on my father 14 years ago and broke his heart. My mother has been trying to connect with me for the last 14 years, she’s sent numerous apology messages, numerous voicemails, she’s even sent emails," the groom-to-be wrote.

He noted that he hasn't "blocked her because I think that’s cruel," and that she's been "sending updates on her life" and "misses" him.

"She found out that I’m getting married from one of her friends, who I’ve invited to the wedding. She wishes me good luck on the marriage, she says she understands that I don’t want her at the wedding, but that she would love to meet me at least once before I embark on this new adventure," he continued.

Despite her trying to reach out to him, he hasn't "forgiven her for cheating on my father, and for breaking our family apart" and has decided to "continue to be no contact with her."

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Users comforted the man in the comments section, with many letting him know that his feelings are valid.

"I could lament about forgiveness and stuff but at the end of the day it's your choice. Your life changed because of her actions. Would your life be further enriched if she were to be a part of it now? You'll never know that answer unless you choose to have her there, but if you are happy without her in it now then why change it. She doesn't deserve to be in your life because she birthed you," one person wrote.

"Your feelings are yours and valid. I don’t know if I could forgive, never having been in your shoes. But think… if she died tomorrow would you regret not talking to her? If the answer is no, move on," another chimed in.

"You went no contact years ago and a wedding is just another part of that. Go enjoy your wedding and allow your mother back into your life when YOU'RE ready," someone else advised.

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