The lead singer, Emmyn Calleiro, of pop-punk band Games We Play has gone viral on TikTok after making a parody version of Sabrina Carpenter's "Espresso" to try to convince the pop star to date his brother.

"SABRINA i put alot of work into this please date my brother. His dms are open he has never had a girlfriend ever," the caption of the TikTok video says.

"Sabrina Carpenter, please watch this video," he says before playing the instrumental of "Espresso."

"I know you got a boyfriend but this is my brother and he is so, so single," Calleiro jokingly sings as he rips off his brother's white tee.

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"He's six foot five and you're really short! You are so, so little," the silly song continues.

"He's never kissed a girl and he's eighteen! He is so, so legal. This is my brother, I know you got a boyfriend, but I don't give a f--k," he sings as his brother laughs and covers his face.

The singer then launched into the revamped chorus.

"He's working late and he goes to the gym. He just got tattoos and he's never had a girlfriend," the song goes on. "You could be his girlfriend if you're interested. Leave it in the comments."

People expressed their amusement over the video in the comments section.

"Imagine going up against Barry Keoghan himself," one person said of Carpenter's IRL boyfriend.

The two made their official public debut at the 2024 Met Gala in the beginning of May.

"Barry has been MAD quiet since this has dropped," someone else joked.

Another person echoed, "Barry is punching the air right now."

"You sir is what we call the ultimate wingman," one person commented.

"That’s that me brospresso. You put in WORK for your brother," someone else joked.

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