A teen on Reddit refused to give a ride home to his friends who wouldn't put their seat belts on in his car.

The 18-year-old initially agreed to drive his friends home after they all got off work recently.

"They all live within one and a half miles from our workplace (a three-to-five-minute drive or 15-to-20-minute walk), and they both live in separate houses at different ends of town. It's a pretty chilly night at about 40 degrees and only a few cars are out and about," the teen wrote.

After his friends loaded into his car, he waited to hear the sound of their seat belts clicking, "which never came."

"I asked if they could fasten their seat belts and they looked at each other with confused glances. After a solid minute, one of them broke the silence and asked, 'Wait, you're serious?' And I said 'Yeah?'" he continued.

The teen told his friends it was for their safety, adding that he would get a ticket if he got pulled over, too.

"One chimed in correcting me saying 'the driver doesn't get a ticket, the passenger does.' I sat there for a second and said, 'If you don't fasten your seat belts, I'm not taking you guys anywhere.' They both let out a bunch of scoffs and exited the car," he recalled.

The teen then drove off, leaving his friends to walk home in the dark.

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Users in the comments section applauded the teen for standing up for himself.

"It’s not just that it’s illegal and dangerous for them, it’s that they will kill anyone that their body then slams into if there’s an accident," one person wrote.

"You offered them a lift. The lift included wearing a seat belt, as that’s a legal requirement, it’s unspoken! They chose not to despite them being reminded and asked several times. There is no way I would drive someone who refuses to wear a seat belt. I would have done the same as you," another wrote.

"There are quite a few old PSA YouTube videos ... that show you the graphic results of car accidents including those with no seat belts. Don't ever ever drive without a seat belt (or drunk/tired/impaired). It won't just kill you, it will kill those around you," someone else commented.

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