A woman was horrified after discovering the home she lives in with her husband was once the scene of a horrific crime. Now, she's demanding they sell their house.

Her husband explained the situation on Reddit, admitting he knew the house was a former crime scene when he purchased it four years before meeting his now-wife.

"I looked around for months with a few different realtors in several towns near my workplace. Finally, a realtor asked me if I would mind if the house had a bit of a history. I said it would depend (wouldn't want anyone showing up with a baseball bat to collect an unpaid debt). He then said that there was a murder-suicide in the house a few years back," he wrote.

The moment he saw the house, he knew it was "perfect" for him, and he got a deal on it as the "realtor agreed it would be at least $100,000 more if it weren't for the fact that a high-profile crime had occurred in it."

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While recently grocery shopping, his wife, Jennifer, discovered the truth of their house when she struck up a conversation with an elderly woman, who asked where she lived.

"Oh, the old Johnson house? Terrible what happened there," the woman told his wife, before proceeding the tell her about the grisly crime that occurred there: a murder-suicide.

When his wife returned and told him what she had learned, he admitted he had known all along. His wife immediately packed up her things to go stay at her parents' house, declaring she could no longer live in their home.

Now, she is insisting that he sell the house, and is furious he didn't tell her the horrifying truth sooner.

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Users in the comments backed the man, with some claiming his wife is overreacting.

"You had the house for years before you met her. It's not like you were hiding it from her. It never came up cause you don't think about it," one person wrote.

"It's always the people that contribute nothing who are the most vocal. She's happy to turn somebody's life upside down because she didn't have to arrange the mortgage. Throw the whole wife away," another commented.

"I unknowingly bought a house with a similar history. It was only weird the first night I found out. People die in houses all the time. It’s OK," someone else shared.

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