Before she went missing, a woman warned her TikTok followers that if her "dismembered body" was ever discovered, that her boyfriend would be at fault.

Kokomo, Ind., resident Brandi Bradley was first reported missing in mid-January by her family. Police later discovered human remains (arm bones, rib bones and phalanges) in connection with her ex-boyfriend, Jonathon Christy. According to reports, he has been formally charged in her murder investigation. Released court documents revealed that Bradley accused Christy of abuse on several occasions.

"If I end up dead and my dismembered body is found all over Kokomo, it was Jonathon Christy," she said in a video. In another clip, she stated that she had been "choked out five times, unconsciousness" before ending her video with the plea, "Help me!"

Numerous witnesses told detectives that Christy requested to use their burn piles in an attempt to destroy evidence, which were found in a dumpster. They also found items that belonged to Christy's wife, who died in July 2023. He even spray-painted his truck the same day that Bradley went missing. Authorities examined his cell phone, which included several conversations with friends stating that he needed to "lay low" and get out of town.

A witness came forward and said that Christy asked him if he wanted to make $500, he presumed that it was for a construction job. Once he arrived at his home, Christy told the witness that, "It's done," and saw Bradley's body on the floor. Christy told the witness that Bradley trashed his home. When he came home to discover the damage, he beat her until she was unconscious and put a bag on her head with a belt around her neck.

The investigation is ongoing, and the identity of the human remains have not been confirmed yet. If you have any information regarding this case, please call the Kokomo Police Department Hotline at (765) 456-7017.

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