The most dreaded part of the holiday season is easily undecorating the Christmas tree because it signals the end of the festive season, but it's typically accompanied by the hassle of disentangling lights, carefully wrapping delicate baubles, and cautiously storing away garlands to ensure they emerge unscathed for the following year's celebrations.

Undecorating the Christmas tree is never as fun as decorating it, so what if there was a way to completely avoid it altogether?

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Saran Wrap Hack

By securely encasing your artificial tree in Saran wrap, you can effectively freeze the decorations in place, preserving their arrangement and ensuring they stay perfectly intact until the next holiday season. No more meticulously removing and later painstakingly rehanging ornaments; this method promises to maintain your tree in its decorated glory, ready to unveil effortlessly when the time comes to relive the festive cheer once more.

This revolutionary hack not only saves time but also preserves the joy and spirit of the holidays. It offers a stress-free way to bid farewell to the season, knowing that when the time arrives to rekindle the seasonal magic next year, your tree will emerge unscathed, decorations perfectly poised as if frozen in time. Embrace this ingenious technique and say hello to a more efficient and hassle-free holiday routine!

So, is this hack a good idea?

We were skeptical at first, but after watching a few TikTok's we got all the proof we needed that this really does work. Maybe you actually enjoy taking every individual Christmas ornament off your tree every year, but personally the thought of saving time and having our tree ready to go for next year is very tempting.

If you have meaningful, or sentimental ornaments, we would probably store those separately just to be safe. Something else to keep in mind is you will need a place to store a tree since you won't be taking it apart, maybe an extra closet, or in your attic.

If you do give this Christmas tree hack a try, please let us know how it goes.

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