Texas LOVES food. No question. In fact we love food so much, sometimes we need MORE of it. Even if that means if the food is GIGANTIC. And Texas has broken some insane world records involving food; records that we still are proud to hold.

World's Largest Frito Pie

Let's start with something Texas loves: Frito Pie. So of course we HAVE to have the record for the world's biggest Frito pie; and we do. On October 5, 2012, a gigantic 1,325 lb Fritos Chili Pie was constructed at the State Fair in Texas in Dallas, Texas. 635 bags, 660 of Hormel chili & 580 bags of shredded cheese was used on this behemoth.

World's Largest Pecan

Yes you can the world's largest pecan in Texas; Seguin, Texas to be exact. A giant 5 ft long, 2.5 ft wide pecan that weighs around 1,000 lbs that was erected in 1962. However there's an even BIGGER one in Seguin since 2011; a 16-ft long pecan. Talk about a big nut...

World's Largest Pecan Pie

While we're talking about pecans, Texas is also the record of the world's biggest pecan PIE. A HUGE pecan pie that weighed over 18 tons was built on May 29, 1999. And where was this built? El Paso, Texas. The El Paso Diablos Baseball Club built this big pie inside Cohen Stadium. A record we still hold near and dear to our hearts. Anyone got a plate & fork?

World's Largest Snow Cone

The Texas chain, Bahama Bucks, is known for their snow cones & smoothies. On 2011, they wanted to make sure they were the KINGS by making the LARGEST snow cone & they did. On December 10, 2011 in Lubbock, Texas, Bahama Bucks made a giant 11.38 ton birthday cake flavor snow cone. Thank goodness it was in December so it wouldn't just melt...

World's Largest Gingerbread House

Ever thought about living in a gingerbread house? Well if you travel to Bryan, Texas, you can see the world's largest gingerbread house that was once the home to Santa Claus!. On November 30, 2013, the Traditions Club made a house that 60 ft long, 42 ft wide and over 10 ft tall. I highly recommend NOT eating this thing...

Most People Making the Most S'Mores at the Same Time

The latest food world record that Texas has was broken in 2023; the world for the most people making the most s'mores simultaneously. This record was broken by Solo Stove on July 23, 2023 by Solo Stove. Over 891 different individuals came together in Grapevine, Texas for this momentous (and delicious) attempt.

Matt King, Solo Stove
Matt King, Solo Stove

Now...who's hungry?

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