An image of Jay-Z looking miserable while riding a jet ski with a helmet went viral on the Fourth of July.

In the photo, taken in 2016 during a trip to Italy with his wife and fellow musician, Beyonce, the 48-year-old rapper can be seen slouching and seemingly sulking over a jet ski while wearing a black vest, sunglasses and a red helmet.

The recently resurfaced image became an internet sensation for the serious look on the rapper's face while participating in the otherwise fun summer activity. He had previously become the center of internet fodder for his awkward facial expressions during sports activities, including jumping in a pool, throwing a football and attending a basketball game.

But the internet couldn't help but poke fun at the 4:44 rapper for his grumpy jet ski expression. One user compared Jay's ride to Batman saving Gotham City.

Another Twitter user compared the rapper to Despicable Me's Dr. Nefario.

Someone else commented, "Jay-Z looks like he's on his way to save DJ Khaled."

Another Twitter user added, "Oh s--- Nintendo just added Jay-Z to Mario Kart 8."

Rapper 50 Cent even joined in on the fun, making an Instagram meme featuring the notorious Jay-Z image but on a mobility scooter at the grocery store.

Jay is currently touring with Beyonce on their On The Run 2 tour. Hopefully, their athletic adventures will continue to be captured on film so the internet can get another laugh.

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