Jennifer Hudson has made huge strides in getting over the horrific murders of her family members and now another one is on its way. The jury selection in the trial of accused killer William Balfour is underway, leading to speculation of whether or not Hudson will testify in the case.

Hudson’s celebrity may prove a difficulty in jury selection, as MTV reports that judge Charles Burns will try to remove any potential jurors who may be swayed by Hudson’s fame from trying the case. Nine of the 66 questions on the jury selection forms in the case related to Hudson and her career. Judge Burns advised potential jurors to avoid watching or reading any news coverage of the case, though that’s typical for any criminal trial — but likely more important, and difficult, for jurors to oblige in this one.

Balfour, 30, is facing a maximum life sentence for the slaying of Hudson’s mother (Darnell Donerson), brother (Jason Hudson) and nephew (Julian King) on October 24, 2008. Testimony is scheduled to begin April 23 and expected to last about a month. Hudson is expected to be present for every day of the proceedings.

Hudson’s testimony will likely be crucial to the case. New details emerged on the events leading up to the killings. Hudson always called or texted her mother daily between 9 and 11AM. When the ‘Dreamgirls’ Oscar winner never heard back by late in the morning on Oct. 24, she realized something was wrong. Her mother and brother’s bodies were discovered in their home hours later; her nephew’s body was found in an abandoned stolen vehicle three days later.

We wish J-Hud the best in what’s sure to be an extremely difficult time. Hopefully bringing Balfour to justice will bring the star some of the closure that she needs.

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