Jim Carrey opened up about what it was like to work with Ariana Grande on his series Kidding.

The Canadian actor gushed about the "Boyfriend" singer in a new interview, admitting he was nervous he was going to disappoint her just like so many people feel after they meet their favorite celebrities and idols.

"I'm always nervous meeting people that I have admired, you know, just that there might be that I know full well that I could be disappointed by the actual person," he said, noting people could feel the same way about him. "So when you finally have contact [...] we only met briefly at the White House on the lawn."

The pop star first met Carrey in 2014 and posted the moment on her Instagram account. In the video, Grande can't hold back tears after the two share a sweet hug. "Stay human," he can be heard telling her.

She also tweeted about her run-in with the comedian, writing, "met my childhood crush Jim Carrey. could even speak. he was kind, warm and human. I'm so happy."

It seems like Grande had a lasting effect on Carrey as well because he explained the connection they formed on the internet in the years that followed made him realize they had a lot in common.

"She started describing certain things to me that I was going through publicly that she felt were somehow strengthening to her and I'm glad," Carrey said. "It's also nice to meet somebody whom you admire and who you think is a singular talent who suddenly comes into your world and is coming there openly and lovingly to share."

"She was wonderful to be around," he added.

Watch Jim Carrey talk about Ariana Grande in the video, below:

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