Tonight (Nov. 14) marked the first year of the Hollywood Film Awards, a night to honor those in film — from actors and actresses to those behind the scenes. Shailene Woodley took home the Best Breakout Performance award for her role in ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ while ‘Gone Girl’ won for Best Film. Overall it seemed like a fun night for everyone involved.

It did, however, look like Johnny Depp was having a little too much fun, when he was called onstage to present an award.

As he was presenting — or at least attempting to — not only was it impossible for Johnny to stand totally upright the entire time, but he was majorly slurring his words and could hardly read the teleprompter, at one point commenting: "That’s the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen in my life” to improvising “…and so.. you have to watch the film. Yeah, there you go!"

Who knows what happened! They might have been a bit heavy handed on cocktails earlier in the night, or Johnny could’ve been method acting for all we know.

He also said: “It’s just one of those nights.” We feel you, Johnny.

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